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Girls Basketball Season Ends

It was a great season for the girls basketball team, finishing off with a 14-4 record.  Making it into the Playoff rounds, the team finally met their match against Inwood  READ MORE >

Comparing notes with Chinese Educators

Approximately 20 principals from Guangdong Province in China visited  HSAS on Friday, January 11.  These administrators visited classes and shared insights with both students and teachers. Every year, HSAS has  READ MORE >

Ms. Taylor is Honored by Sloan Foundation

On December 11, HSAS Math teacher Tempestt Taylor was recognized for her excellence in teaching.  She was one of seven recipients to receive the Sloan Award for Excellence in Teaching  READ MORE >

9th Graders Win Compost for a Cookie Contest

9th graders brought in almost half of the  150 pounds of compost collected over last week.  Not only were they treated to a vast array of home-baked cookies, they have  READ MORE >

Rachel Brodman Wins Prediction Contest

Look out Nate Cohn!  Rachel Brodman predicted that Democrats would gain 38 seats in the House and lose two seats in the Senate.  Not only off by a small margin  READ MORE >

Remembering Chancellor Harold Levy

We are very sorry to announce that Harold Levy, the former Chancellor of the New York City Board of Education, has passed away. In 2002, Mr. Levy opened our school,  READ MORE >

NYC Transportation Commissioner Visits Gov classes

Polly Trottenberg, NYC Transportation Commissioner and Board Member of the MTA, visited two Government classes in mid-November.  After making a presentation on the various issues her department is wrestling with  READ MORE >

Grammar Police Snare multiple students at HSAS

Yes, some of these students still don’t know the proper placement of a verb in a sentence.  Even worse, some students have a tendency to use the word ‘like’ way  READ MORE >

9th Graders vote on Poor Farm Proposal

On a bitterly cold day in November, the ninth grade class convened for a town council meeting in the early nineteenth century village of Sturbridge  in Massachusetts.  The topic was  READ MORE >

HSAS Joins Lehman students at the Pumpkin Smash

On a perfect fall afternoon in November, a couple dozen HSAS students journeyed across the street to the Lehman Quad to smash some pumpkins.  Hundreds of pumpkins donated by the  READ MORE >

Double Rainbow Spotted Behind HSAS

Double rainbows are supposed represent good fortune and positive change.  Well, one such rainbow appeared behind our high school in early November.  Every effort to find the bottom of the  READ MORE >

LOT Program off to a great start

Students and faculty at HSAS are beginning a second year of reaching out to nearby middle schools to provide tutoring.

This local outreach tutoring program known as   READ MORE >